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team jacob
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hitchhiker clam

so i just bought a new piece of liverock recently and noticed a small green clam attatched in one of the crevices. it's about the size of a dime, maybe a little bigger. what is it? is it good? it has been responding to movement around it, it has opened slightly but will close if anything gets too close, and the color is unbelieveably green. it's not a bright green but rather a deep, dark, very intense green. also if you look really close you can see a pattern of small red dots along the edge of the shell...

so was i lucky in getting this piece of liverock or should i get rid of him as soon as possible?
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spaceman spiff

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I wouldnt be worried about it, bivalves are seldom a hazardous hitchhiker, but it's near impossible to identify without pictures. Can you share any?
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team jacob
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i will once i find the cord for my camera... i havent been able to find any pictures online of clams that look like this one does...
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I love to see a pic of it.
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