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55 gallon build w/ 10 gal DIY Sump

I figured out the actual volume of the tank is 53 gallons. Can't edit thread title.

This is going to be my first salt tank after 5+ years with fresh water tanks (20+ if you count the ones growing up, I helped my dad, but he did most of the work). Here is what I am envisioning for my setup, along with whether I already have the item or need to purchase it still (read, am open to suggestions on). NOTE: I will be starting this as a FOWLR and upgrading lighting in December-ish once I have more experience keeping a salt tank so I can add coral. This will allow me to put more money into my sump and skimmer now, and more money into my lights later.

1. 53 Gallon tank w/ stand (got for free)
2. 10 Gallon DIY sump (have tank, still need to put in baffles)
3. Reef Octopus NWB-150 Skimmer (need)
4. 25 lbs. cheapest okay live rock I can find (Need. This will act as a base. Will add another 20-30 of more attractive live rock when I am approaching Reef time)
5. 2 bags live sand, 1 bag "dead" sand (need. Unless you all think I can do all dead sand and let the live rock make it live sand. If I do all non-live sand, I could do more like 30 lbs live rock to start.)
6. Undecided overflow (input please)
7. Undecided return pump(^^)
8. 2 24" standard fluorescent lights with 50/50 bulbs (will upgrade to T5 or LED in December)

Is there anything I am forgetting?

Also, I have a very good condition Rena Filstar XP2, rated at 300 GPH. I know that as a canister filter, it is not overly useful in a salt water set up, but I was wondering if there was anyway I could turn it into something useful, or scavenge the pump off of it. One idea I have had is as follows: I have a 5 gallon tank that until a month ago housed my Betta, Ziggy. He is no longer with us, so his aquarium is empty. I was thinking I get set this up as a refugeium and have the water from my display tank enter into the sump system at this tank, then use the Rena to basically transport water from the 5 gallon fuge into the 10 gallon which would house my skimmer, return pump, bubble trap, and possibly an extra, empty "bay" for miscellaneous uses (carbon when I need it, phos-zorb, if a fish gets too aggressive, an algae scrubber, or whatever).

Thoughts, feelings? Good set up? Is it complete garbage?
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