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Little Fishy
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Yellow Watchman Goby and Bicolor Blenny?

Hello, I currently have a pistol shrimp and yellow watchman goby. A friend of mine is wanting to get rid of his bicolor blenny and I am curious if anyone has these two in their tank now or use to have them together? I have read on some sites that they may do fine together and on others that each are territorial and may clash? I really like my watchman goby and he doesn't let other fish mess with his den. I have seen him pop the foxface and coral beauty many times if they get too close. I currently have the following in a 75g FOWLR.

pistol shrimp
yellow watchman goby
coral beauty
two clowns
three peppermint shrimp
5 mexican turbo snails
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In a 75 I do not think it will be a problem. I had a hi fin shrimp goby and lawn mower blenny and they did great together, and that was in a 46. A 75 with plenty of rock should allow for room for separate quarters and not cause any problems. Good luck if you decide to and would love to know how it went/goes. Happy reefing!
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Should not be a problem in that size of tank. Especially if the yellow watchman actually has a pistol shrimp to hang out with.
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Little Fishy
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I have a yellow watchman goby and bicolor blenny that were in a 46 Bow and now are in a 65 Reef. A few months ago, when in the 46, the bicolor blenny started harassing the watchman and beat up his fins pretty bad. I added a pistol shrimp and after they met up the blenny seemed to ignore the goby. I think I crushed the pistol shrimp moving rock work and now the watchman is by himself. He has started to swim up and down the walls of the 65 constantly and now the bicolor blenny is harassing him again. Looks like his tail has been bitten. I'm waiting for my LFS to get tiger pistols in again and will get another. I hope they work things out and get along, I've had them both for almost a year now. The yellow watchman was just starting to look good again and now taking another beating. I'm also waiting on a yellow and a black clown goby to add to the tank and hope that no one harasses them. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. My tank is overall very peaceful. Most aggressive per say is my six line wrasse but he has never even given anyone as much as a look. He's very well mannered. Other than that I have 2 small Osc. clowns, chromis and a baby Bangaii cardinalfish. Seven total! Thanks in advance for your support!
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Blenny often go after goby due to similar body shape. The shrimp does turn them off from it. You do have to be careful with the rock and in a tank with pistol shrimp it should always be right on the glass and not on the sand to avoid collapse due to digging.

The smaller clown goby should be just fine. I have kept them for years and not had an issue with any other fish bothering them. They bother each other...two male yellow clown goby won't live together but a black one and a yellow one will with some fighting but not too bad. Even in my 210 gallon tank I can't keep two males. Right now I have a pair and a panda clown.
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Little Fishy
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Well Thanks for the tips and as said I am aiming for another shrimp within the next week. I took some extra care in placing my rock work in my new tank by placing small pieces of pvc along the entire bottom of the tank as support for my rocks. They are all very sturdy and epoxied for added stability. I have approximately 80 pounds of live rock with a good amount of crevices and caves throughout. I've had a couple clown gobies' in the past and they were very fun fish and never had any trouble with them. But they would not stay out of my overflow and ended up in the sump. They made it a few times but eventually got pummeled in my filter sock. My new overflow eliminates that worry and I have a custom screen top I built that fits quite well. thanks again for your reply, I'm looking forward to getting this in order. Below is a link to my new set up, check it out. I absolutely love it!

Custom 65 Gallon Reef Tank
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blenny , yellow watchman goby

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