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Powder Blue Tang Care

Hey im going to uprage my 38 gallon tank to either a 120, 125, or 150 gallon fowlr (Depending on the cost). Im wanting to get a powder blue tang and i was curious about how hard they are to care for. It will be the only tang in the tank. Im open to any type of advice.
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they need swimming room so a long tank will be needed...

most captive are just under a foot long... (from what I have read)

The largest scientifically measured Powder blue tang was 54.0 cm / 21.3 in.
The Powder blue tang is a continuous feeder and should have constant access to suitable food in the aquarium.
also you need to keep them healthy and pick a healthy specimen to start with.
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I would recommend a tank longer than 6'. Depth is not a huge factor but length is.
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Be sure BEFORE you buy it, to make sure it is eating. Also, tangs are highly susceptible of ich but just because you get a tang DONT mean you will get ich. Mine loves to swim into the power head, and they are mischievous too.

Almost forgot....if you get a tang, DO NOT freak out at night if you see it "smashed" between the rocks or see it like this at night:

Its just sleeping. I freaked when I saw mine "smashed" between the rocks, went in to rescue it and thought it was a goner. This is what it looked like....found out its just a rock hard sleeper. If they dont have rocks to hide in between to sleep, they will lay like this.

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6' would suffice in my honest opinion. I've kept one in a 75 for years and he was happy, vibrant and healthy.
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