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Fire shrimp died after molting

Hi all,

I have had my fire shrimp for over 5 months and yesterday I get home and he is dead on the bottom of tank. I am confused why this would happen. He was molting like he does pretty regular but after his molt this time he would stay where he was and would not eat or move much. I have 3 pepermint shrimp also and no problems with them at all.

Tank is a 125g all parameters are inline I do wc's 10-15% weekly use tropic marin salt. I have running right now a fluval fx5 cannister that gets cleaned weekly.(i know cannisters are the suck but at the time 6 months ago when i started this tank lfs told me it was the best. I have learned so much since then and I bought a lfs150 lifereef sump and lifereef refugium. Just got it in so am adapting the cabinet for it and the cannister will go bye bye.)

I have a couple yellow gobies and a couple clowns in the tank beside the shrimp and that is it. So could it be a bad molt? After the molt when food would be close to him he seemed to struggle to move to get it and would not get off the rock. He looked normal but sluggish. He would always come out and eat and fly around the tank at feeding time. I have read of additives for shrimp but thought my wc's and the salt i was using would negate the any doping.

I ask this because I am worried for my peps (though I wish it was a pep that died instead of my beautiful fire shrimp.

Oh yeah food is plankton, mysis, flakes, brine. feeding was once every 2 days.
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I've got the REEF rash!
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Welcome to TRT!That does suck!They are my favorite,but I don't think they live that long in captivity.
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Ok, He was my bud. I feel a little better. the pepermints are doing great just sad that he died.

Thanks for the reply. He seemed so frisky before that last molt
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Shrimp can be vulnerable when molting or just after molting and it may have been nipped/bitten as it was molting. Do you have any semi agressive fish in the tank?
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i had this happen with a CBS.....he died shortly after molting....never figured out why....i still have the same skunk ive had for almost 2 years now and no issues with him but im on my 3rd CBS.....

and my 2 peppermint....well they went no idea what happened to them....
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sometimes shrimp live forever. sometimes they die in a day. you never know with shrimp.
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