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Stocking a 30 gallon saltwater aquarium

I just got a 30 gallon saltwater aquarium with a 29 gallon sump. The sump has a protein skimmer, bag of activated carbon, live sand, and live rock. The tank itself has a deep live sand bed and a lot of fiji live rock. The current stock is 1 ocellaris clownfish, 1 valentini puffer, and 1 yellow watchman goby with its pistol shrimp. I have read a lot of different viewpoints on stocking. Some sources say roughly 1 inch of fish per 5 gallons; however, a book that I recently bought, The New Marine Aquarium by Michael Paletta says 1 inch of fish per 2 gallons of water. Right now I am at about 12 inches of fish. I was just wondering with the sump being so large how much more I could add. It makes a total of 59 gallons but I definitely would not add near 30 inches of fish. I was thinking about adding a flame angel to the current stock and maybe a Bangeii cardinal if there is enough room. That would bring me to a total of around 20. To me I think that sounds fine with all the methods of filtration that I have but I would like some other opinions.
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Like I said in your other post, I think your at capacity. The problem with adding more fish is that they need room to swim. Adding more fish can raise aggression and stress levels, leading to fighting and disease. The whole inch of fish for whatever gallons of water is old school and just does not work.

Adding a sump will help to keep your parameters a little more stable but its not going to increase the swimming space in the 30 gal tank.
And unless your running the sump completely full and I'm sure your not its more like 40 to 45 gallons of total system volume.

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The thing is that the goby isn't really utilizing any of the space. He spends most of the time either in the tunnels or partially out of an opening so the only two fish out are the clown and the puffer. I feel like a 30 gallon should be enough space for at least one more small fish if not two and I am sure that I will not exceed the bioload with having the protein skimmer, sump, and so much live sand and live rock.
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Hey bud lemme say that one more would be a tad on the over stock side ESP with a dwarf angel
My stock is ocellaris pair 1 6line. Wrasse and a firefish and I count this as over stocked even with my tank being established with pods and a total of 40 lbs porus rock

I'd suggest if you get one anyway stay very small and fast swimming
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You can get away with adding more. Strategically placing your rocks will help. I have a 30 gallon with 3 carnial fish, 1 valentini, 1 war paint goby, 1 bi color blenny, 1 tomato clown, and kenya trees. They all have their own cave except for the puffer. He's the king of the tank. You'll be fine, since you run a skimmer. Just don't get large fish. Then that would just be cruel.
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A candy Basslet is a rare but real colorful addition, a cleaner shrimp wouldn't hurt either. Ever considering seahorse and pipefish? Also a mandarin Dragonet would be nice if you can get it to eat prepared foods.
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I definitely think that either a fairy or a flasher wrasse would be nice, and if you don't have any very fleshy corals, then a flame/lemonpeel angel!

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