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Stocking a 14 Gallon BioCube

I have a 14 Gallon BioCube and it have been running for 3-4months. All the water levels have been, and currently are good.

Right now I have:
-1 sexy shrimp
-2 Turbo snails
-yellow watchman goby
-1 candy cane pistol shrimp
-3 Hermit crabs

This is what I have so far but I would like something else. Ive been doing research but wanted your opinion on what else I should, or could add that will go well with what I currently have. What are you combination of fish suggestions?

I really like clownfish. Could I get a pair? or is the tank too small? Would one by itself be okay? Is my tank too small to have something for a clown to host with? please help me!!
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nano man
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From what I understand, 14 gallons is to small to successfully keep an anemone for a long period of time. However I have seen plenty of clownish host frogspawn, hammer coral, torch coral, etc. And as far as stocking goes, I love firefish since they are beautiful, entertaining, do well in nano tanks, and most importantly, cheap
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so would the ones you just listed stay small in a 14 gallon tank? because i would really enjoy a clown hosting, however, im concerned about how large the coral may grow.
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Welcome to TRT!

If you stayed with a ocellaris or a percula clown, i think you would be alright. You can always trim back your host coral if it gets too large.
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oh okay cool! so do you think I could fit a pair of clown or just stick with one?
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If your oscellaris clowns stay the size of mine, you could probably get a pair. Mine would definitely be ok in a 14g.

I believe you started another thread and I just responded to that one as well. Xenia is another coral that clowns host and if it grows too large, you just cut it and sell!
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nano man
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If you are concerned about the corals getting to big then you can set them in the center of the tank so that will leave them room to expand out. And if they do ever get to, you can sell them and buy new ones. Also a pair of clowns should be fine in a 14gallon, just don't add any fish after them. If i were you, i would buy ocellaris clown fish juveniles bout 3/4 to 1 inch long. That way you know they will pair up(clowns are hermaphroditic and the dominant becomes female) and you wont stress them out. Also you should buy tank breds since they do better in captivity. You may want to also beef up your clean-up crew with a few more snails and hermits.
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