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Blue Jaw Trigger (male or female???)

With everything I have read, blue jaw females do not have the blue jaw and some may or may not have the yellow lined fins. I got a Blue Jaw and I got her as a female, but now im not so sure. take a look.

I know its kinda poor quality, but it kinda has a light blue color and a slight blue jaw and you can see where it has a slight yellow linning around its fins.

Im so confused. Please help me out.

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really hard to tell, but if I had to guess I'd say it's a male. I've had a very lightly colored male before as well. females will have more of a red lining in lieu of yellow, typically.
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Thats kinda upsetting. haha they get along great so that is awsome, but i was really wishing it was a girl.
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I think you've got two males as well. The yellow fins make me think so.
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It's so hard to tell though because the one I thought was a female is quite young and I dont know if it may lose the yellow coloring as it grows, but it has a blue coloration like a female. The males have an olive green color. The one I thought was a female also has the blue jaw, but its really faint. Does anyone know if the females change colors as they grow? or am I really keeping to males?
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blue jaw trigger

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