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Blue hippo tang vs porcupine fish

Hello everyone.. maybe someone can help me. I have a 55gal with a hippo tang, diamond goby and a clown fish. I had my sick porcupine fish in a QT tank for a month. I added Bloat ( porcupine fish ) to my display tank. And his is very interactive with my husband and I when we get close to the tank. But now my tang, who always kept her distance, now get jealous. She swims up to Bloat, opens her mouth and lays sideways. Should I be concerned?? She does not act like that with any other fish, only when she see's Bloat in front of tank, wanting attention.. I've been trying to read everything I can find, and still no real answer... please help me... Thank you
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Welcome and have fun.
You are not seeing an aggression at any other times?
You will need to watch them as they get larger, they are both semi-aggressive and get around a foot long. In a 55 gallon tank that is a recipe for trouble.
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Not real aggression?!Hippo just seems jealous... do fish get jealous?? My porcupine is about 3 inches long, so she is bigger than him. I also have a damsel who is bigger than porcupine. It's only when the porcupine starts begging for food. Does hippo come over and open her mouth and stiffen up. But she does not try and slap him like I've read. I just thought it was weird. And yes I am looking for a much bigger tank. I am well aware of their sizes.
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