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how/what to feed frogspawn and candy cane coral

I recently purchased a reef tank that has a number of soft corals and also contains 3 heads od candy cane and a large frogspawn. What is the best way to feed them and how often. The person I bought the tank from said that she gave the frogspawn a small piece of silverside once a week. When I try this, the polyps seem to hold the food for around 10 minutes and then release it. Also, do I need to feed each head separetely? The frogspawn has about 10 heads. Also, previous owner did not supplement the soft corals with any additional food. She said they "filter feed" and will eat whatever I feed the fish. Is this okay? She mkaintained this tank like this for 3 years and everything appears healthy. (I do add trace minerals, iodine, and strontium)
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I just feed the fish and assortment of frozen food by way of a turkey baster. Occasionally I blast my LPS corals, but really I don't "feed" them anything other than what the fish deposit or don't eat.
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My candy cane was having small amounts of brine shrimp in the late evening about twice a week as I wanted to increase growth a bit more, but its quite happy without additional food
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I feed my candy cane thawed mysis, same with my frogspawn that i had before i traded it, but the torch i have now also eats mysis...sorry if that sounded
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+2, or +3 I do feed my corals (LPS and such) because I am looking for greater growth rates, you do sacrifice water quality (so be prepared for more water changes/Maintenance) if you don't have a large enough clean-up crew but if you are looking to push growth then I would suggest to feed, brine, mysis, marine cusine, etc. I feed my maybe once a week with the full load ( full load doesn't mean a cube of each, just enough that there is a good mix out there), making sure everything that will eat gets what they need. I have Acan, Duncan, Candy Cane, Trumpet, Frog Spawn, Hammer, Torch and Open Brain (oh and Glaxia) Think I got all the LPS I do hit my frag tanks as well when I have LPS in those; for example I have a plate that I fragged earlier this year, I make sure that gets plenty to eat so it can grow as well.

OK hope that wasn't too confusing but just a take of it. Oh and by the way, when I don't feed everything does just fine just slower growth.
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light and what ever the fish miss and i get plenty of growth out my frogspawn that way. i feed my fish brine shrimp plus, frozen cyclops, and whatever other frozen food i buy. i usually like to mix up the third from week to week to get some variety on the diet. now and then i feed flake food. i have seen my lps corals feed on the flake as well as the frozen. i'd bet that they eat more of the cyclops than anything, though.
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