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When you get a colony that has many branches and you chose to frag it, is there a certain way the cuts should be done? I'm asking so that the base that is left would also return growth.
I know with roses, (plant) you would want to make the cut on a 45 degree angle to an outside but-is it the same for corals, so that you can make growth happen in a certain direction from the new growth?
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I just get in there with a pair of clippers and snip a peice off. IME it seems that most times whenever I cut a branch off I get a few branches that start from that point.

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i agree with Whiskey, i just go in and snip away. they new branches seem to start at the cut off points.
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I worry more about getting a square cut for ease of mounting the frag to a rock so it will stand the way I want.
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Whiskey and salt rookie both have it right. A square cut helps alot when mounting the frags--I think that would be the only concern.
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