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Cycling with bare bottom

I was thinking about setting up a 30 gallon that I got cheap. I was wondering about cycling it. I have cured live rock that I was gonna put in it from my existing tank. Does it even need to cycle? If it does I'm guessing it will only take a couple of days. Correct? I know there's tons of info about cycling everywhere but i can't seem to find any threads with BB tanks and cured live rock.
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If it's from an established tank and it doesn't leave the water long then you're good to go. I would suggest ghost feeding for a week, just to be on the safe side, but if you don't see any spikes then go ahead and add a fish.
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+1 to Chi's suggestion. You should be good...key word should. Take your time and watch the params for a while just to be safe.
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Thanks for the input.
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