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Can squid be kept in a fish tank?

Hi, I have a son who is looking to see if he can get a squid for a fish tank. We have looked numerous times on Google,, Yahoo, etc. and cannot find anything. I know it's probably not a possibility but, I told him I would ask. Does anyone know where to find red reef squid, or any type, for sale? Thanks for any information - please email me at:

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Nope, they are delicate short-lived creatures who swim miles every day, not aquarium pets.
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The only cephelopod that can be kept with some success are some of the small octopus. There short lived also though and very intelligent.
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Squid are animals that should only be attempted by public aquariums. Cuttlefish can be kept in an aquarium but should only be attempted by expert aquarium keepers. The problem with cephalapods is that they need a very specialized tank and equipment and any tank housing them must be geared towards breeding them since they live a year or less.
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