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Fin Rot

I have a small brown Tang with fin rot. Otherwise she is very healthy, eating well, very active. Just her top fin seems to be deteriorating. I have read through all TRT discussions on the issue and have a few additional questions:

1. Do you recommend I treat her outside of the main tank in quaranteen? I have gotten mixed messages (from my LFS) with this question and would appreciate your opinion(s).

2. I assume maracyn is something I can purchase at the LFS?

3. What/how is a "garlic" treatment? And is that done in the main tank?

4. Is one type of treatment better than the other?

None of the other fish in my tank seem infected. 1-Yellow Tang, 1-Powder Blue Tang, 1-Blue Hippo Tang, 1-Clown fish, 1-Coral Beauty Angel, 1-Blue Chromise. My tank is 140 gal, 160 lbs live rock; 2" base of live sand. Good bio filitration, protein skimmer, 4 power heads; awesome lighting system.

I believe my water quality good. I have had nitrate problems in the past but seem to be getting control of that. (I believe it was caused by undisolved organic waste.) Two weeks ago had an outbreak of Cyano, treated with Chemi-Clean and now seems under control.

Thanks for your advise and recommendations.

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You need to treat him in quarantine with Maracyn (NOT Maracyn II), plain old original Maracyn. Which is erythromycin and works for gram positive bacteria.

It would wreck your biological filter if you used it in your main tank.

Just follow the directions on the package.

Oh, one other thing. It's usually a result of a ammonia/nitrite/nitrate burn. Can also happen in shipping. Your nitrate, cyano thing could have been a warning sign.
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