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Anemone's Clown fish and ICK!!!! READ PLEASE!!

Guys do Anemones carry ICK, My tomato died last week from what I thought was clownfish disease, but now I am wondering. I bought another Clown "Clarkie" which I personally know was fine and was at the LFS for over a month. He now has spots on his face? The other fish in the tank are fine, flame hawk, dottieback, and blue damsel?? Is it my anemones that are carrying it? I started feeding all my fish garlic and shrimp soaked in garlic again, will this get rid of the ICK. Also when I feed the anemones from now on they also will get the garlic!! Anyone out there with the same problem or can anyone give me some advice, I don't want to lose anymore fish!!!


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Can't help much... I've never known of anyone suspecting an anemone of carrying ich. There are instances where one fish will get ick and the others won't.

Hopefully the garlic will work.
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this, i suppose, is always up for debate, but i belive, as do many others, that ALL fish have and carry ich. it's merely stress that that lowers the immune system and allows the ich to surface. ich is simply parasite, a loose comparison would be fleas on a dog.

a fish can be fine in any tank for years, then be transferred to a new tank,and get ich. due to the stress of trasnport, water differances etc..

i dont know that anemones can carry ich though. never heard of that.
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Yes, saying that "All fish have and carry ich" is up for much debate. However, this only holds true for hobbyists. There is no controversy among the scientific community. The evidence all refutes the idea that "All fish have and carry ich."
Are your clownfish wild caught? Clownfish are very suceptible to brooklynella, otherwise known as clown fish disease, although it can infect other species of fish. The best treatment is a series of three formalin dips at 1cc, 1ml or 20 drops/gal of 37% formaldheyde. That does NOT mean 37% formalin and 63% water!One treatment every third day. Use only in AERATED dip for 45 minutes. Be careful not to injure the fish with the net (I don't use nets if I can help it.
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I might try the dips!! Thats for all the help guys! Now catching him is going to be fun! I have 40 pounds of rock it a 25 gallon tank lots of hiding places.
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I am still asleep, it should say "thanks for all the help guys" my spelling is getting worse!


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blue damsel , clown fish , flame hawk

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