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Rio Polario Turbine Dual 22ML

Taam Rio Polario Turbine Dual Action Programmable Pump, 22ml. Turbine Dual Action Programmable Aqua Pump. Energy efficient, high flow low voltage pump. Bi-directional outputs to simulate natural wave and current actions...

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Massive powerhead for the money.

Installation and Operation Very easy. Magnet is very powerful, so a bit difficult to place, but it's a good thing.

Performance vs. Expectations Not really a wavemaker, but a very good variable-direction powerhead. Don't expect a Tunze wavebox.

Value for money I bought mine for $100, so I got an excellent deal. I don't think I'd spend $300 on one.

Customer Support I thought I had a controller failure and sent it back to TAAM. Turns out my fuse was blown, it just didn't look like it. The got back to me as soon as they got the pump and let me know. Honored my warranty even though my receipt was for a different model (retailers mistake). Nice guys, good communication. Don't believe the bad rumors about TAAM/Rio.

Liked about it Power, price, variable direction

Didn't like Controller is noisy sometimes, I give it a tap and the fan quiets down.

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By Neuticle
Mar 16, 2010
Last updated: April 15, 2010
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