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ViaAqua 2600 Pump

ViaAqua Water Pump Model 2600 by ViaAqua. Fully submersible multi-purpose pumps for circulating water

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Works well but a bit noisy.

Installation and Operation it has ben running recirculation for a 125 gallon tank for about 3 weeks. When I installed mine in line with PVC and was very pleased with the ability to do so with the standard PVC fittings. A bit noisy. when I first got it and tested it in the display used like a power head. It was making a ticking noise like the impeller was hitting a bubble or a grain of sand. I made sure thee was no air or sand in it but it was still making the ticking so i took it back to my LFS and tested it against an identical one. they both seamed to make the ticking sound so I ruled out the bearing. Wile researching what the noise could be I came across complaints about noise from the impeller and mods to fix it but the noise description doesn't match mine and the mod didn't fix it (perhaps I just did it wrong). The noise stopped when back pressure was applier via finger so I plumed it in to my tank return with about 4ft of head pressure and the noise stopped.

Performance vs. Expectations It works

Liked about it The price and the compatibility with threaded PVC fittings.

Didn't like The noise.

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By Brenn
Jun 25, 2010
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