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Replacement Impeller for Mag Drive model 3 and 5 Featured

Replacement impeller for Mag Drive model 3 and 5.

Price: $15 to $29 at 3 stores
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So easy to install

Installation and Operation So simple to install. Just remove the front cover, pull out the old worn impeller, slide in the new one and replace the cover. That's it.

Performance vs. Expectations It performs as well as a new pump again.

Value for money A replacement impeller costs less then 10 bucks. Way cheaper than buying a new pump.

Customer Support I have not had to deal with the company as of yet.

Liked about it Inexpensive
Makes a worn pump like new again
Simple to replace

Didn't like I guess if it were a perfect world, I would hope that it wouldn't break in the first place.

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By Mr.Peanut
Sep 30, 2009
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Price: $15 to $29
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at 3 stores

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