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Reeflo Super Dart Gold Pump

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Dead silent

Installation and Operation Easy to install nothing has changed over the years as far as plumbing. As long as u have a valve of some sort before and after cleaning is easy just a few screws to remove. I clean regularly every 3 months..

Performance vs. Expectations Draws less watts by far as there older and newer models (per the amp probe).. Also runs cooler.. Great head pressure and flow.. Easy to downgrade with turbine wheel for less flow if need be.. Great warranty

Value for money Comparing to other external pumps I have used its much quieter, less heat transfer by far and less amps which is easier on the electric bill

Customer Support Have not had to due to no issues

Liked about it Quiet!! Love the tap on the bottom that you can use a fitting and valve with a hose to drain the line before taking off the main valves so no water leaks out..

Didn't like I would like for the to be able to make a pump that you can reverse the flow

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By saltlifefan4278
Oct 24, 2012
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