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Reeflo Hammerhead Gold Pump

Designed and built in the USA and excellent for any big aquarium job, Reeflo Gold Pumps are the ultimate in high flow, low wattage water pumps. Super quiet, fan-cooled motors run at no more electricity cost than a pair...

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Best large pump I have found

Installation and Operation There is a reason the Georgia Aquarium uses pumps by Sequence. They are simply awesome. These pumps are very well made and work from the moment you plug them in until you won't need them any longer. I have had this pump as a closed-loop circulation pump for almost three years and it runs continuously. I have never had an issue and cleaning is a snap.

Performance vs. Expectations This pump performs as it should. I do not think that could be a better compliment. I wonder about the 1.5" input and outputs given the rated flow. I would have liked to have seen at least 2" inlet/outlets but then again, I am not the engineer.

Value for money 10/10. The pumps are pricey but worth every penny over time.

Customer Support I called to ask a couple of general questions on a few occasions but all I have reached is a voice mail system. When I left my return phone number, I have never been called. I wonder about warranty issues if I ever had one, but haven't so I just cross my fingers.

Liked about it Performs as expected. Bulletproof.

Didn't like Intake/Output sizes might be 2" rather than 1.5" sized.

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By superwizbang
Jul 28, 2009
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Price: $419 to $419
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