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Reeflo Blackfin 2500

Reeflo Blackfin 2500 external water pump

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Reeflo BlackFin 2500

Installation and Operation The installation was as strait forward as any external pump plumbed for a closed loop. My set up for this pump was on a closed loop which had previously been set up for a 1.5" feed and dual 1.5" returns that are plumbed into a PVC rock support structure with numerous loc-line outputs designed to not only provide flow, but keep detritus from settling under the rockwork.

The tank is a 190 mixed reef with about 300 total gallons in the system. In addition to the closed loop and sump return, there are two Vortec MP40s used for random flow.

Performance vs. Expectations With this being a new pump my expectations were not really set, nor did I have much information on the pump other than an expected GPH. I previously had used a Panworld 200 on the closed loop and had planned on placing a dart on the closed loop in the future.

Liked about it The pump seems to move the reported amount of flow on this test pump. It was said to have around 2500 gph at 4' of head. Judging by previous results from the Panworld pump I would say that the reported flow by Reeflo is accurate. One nice feature of the Blackfin is the separation of the pump from the intake assembly, which is substantially further than say the Dart pump. With the distance between the two the water temp on my tank dropped a full two degrees in comparison to the previous Panworld pump.

Didn't like There were two things that caught my eye with this pump that could affect other users. The size of the pump is rather large in comparison to the amount of flow it generates and could be a space issue for some users. The other issue was that this pump is much louder than I expected. Having ran several sequence pumps in the past I anticipated this pump being about as loud as the Dart, but found it about as loud as a Hammerhead. Even with isolation techniques there was a considerable amount of humming noise. But with that said, this pump is in my wetroom and I could not hear it in the house where the tank is located.

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By Hop
Oct 29, 2009
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