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Quick Filter Aqua Clear Power Head Attachment

Powerhead Filter Quick Filter by Rolf C Hagen. Make your powerhead a "Quick Filter"

Price: $4 to $4 at 1 stores
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Reef Security

General This is a very good security blanket for tanks using this type of power head for circulation. You can tuck the basket down behind the live rock and not be concerned about having shrimp,anemones or anything swimming around at night from getting sucked into the power head. Preventing your tank inhabitants from power heads is a big concern with reef tanks . Don't take the chance. It's well worth the money. It also serves as a dinner plate for your fish when food gets caught on the basket instead of laying on the bottom

Liked about it Very large style basket for smooth water suction without air bubbles. Stops large debris from entering the power head. Stops corals,anemones and fish from getting sucked into the power head

Didn't like The basket is on the larger side. I would recommend this for larger tanks using this type power head

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By biowheel
Jul 12, 2009
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Price: $4 to $4
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