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Pump Cover for Mag Drive 5 7 Pumps

Pump cover fits both the Mag Drive 500 and 700 units. Replacement face plate also includes the o-oring.

Price: $5 to $5 at 1 stores
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priceless when needed

Installation and Operation Nothing exotic about this piece, it's simply nice to have a these types of parts readily for replacement. I dropped my mag 7 once, and I was able to easily get this replacement part. It works just as expected.

Performance vs. Expectations Works just as expected, I don't have any complaints. It's a very straightforward part, so there's nothing to really be disappointed or excited about.

Liked about it For such a simple part, there's not a whole lot to elaborate on. This worked well and fit perfectly for the part that I broke due to a relatively high fall. There wasn't any issue with the fit or easy of installation, it works fine and has been plenty robust for the last couple years that I've been using it.

Didn't like No negatives on this part, it's exactly what you'd expect. The price is right if you get it on the lower end of the range (I think I paid about $7), and it comes with a replacement gasket (at least when I bought mine).

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By crvz
May 26, 2010
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Price: $5 to $5
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