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Pan World 150PS Pump

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Quiet, powereful, excelent build quality

Installation and Operation Very easy to maintain, 6 month vinegar soaks, yearly fan cleaning. Other than that you just let it do it's thing. I found it very easy to install, keep in mind to vibrationally isolate it form the stand or wherever it's located -- this is where noise can come from.

Performance vs. Expectations Performance seems to exceed MFG specs. I ran a quick test and calculated about 1300GPH. Everything else is as stated. Powere my MRC MR2 perfectly.

Liked about it Quiet if isolated correctly.
Cheap when compared to the Iwaki.
Build quality compares to and exceeds that of the Iwaki.
Very little heat added to the water.

Didn't like The fan can be loud if not cleaned.
Impeller can get clogged with small stomatella shells over time.
Would be cool if it had a small plug to drain it during maintenance, not entirely necessary though.

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By wharyat
Dec 10, 2009
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