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Mag-Drive 2 Pump Featured

The Supreme Mag-Drive Utility Pump is specifically designed for statuary, fountains, ponds, and freshwater or saltwater aquariums. It may be used either in-line or submerged. The Mag-drive is extremely energy efficient and...

Price: $47 to $106 at 8 stores
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Great little utility pump with countless uses

Installation and Operation This is a very simple pump that can be used for many different applications. I have a couple of these on hand, one is primarily used for supply water to my calcium reactor, the other I use for mixing water in my water change containers. It does have a threaded outlet, so adding a hose barb or hooking it up to PVC is pretty straight forward. It draws about 25 watts and has been completely silent during operation, I've been very satisfied.

Performance vs. Expectations I pretty much knew what I was getting with this pump, having had many other danner pumps in the past. It works exactly as expected and the flow rate is spot on with the advertised values. It adds very little heat to the system in my experience, this pump is highly recommended.

Value for money For the flow rate, these are a bit expensive compared to some other products. But the features and long life still make it a good value. A lot of other pumps in this similar flow range don't necessarily have the fitting options that this pump has, and finding one with a 3 year warrant is going to be a challenge. I do not regret spending the money on this pump.

Customer Support I have dealt with danner in the past, and each time I call someone answers directly (in lieu of a telephone system). On a different pump, I've had them send me a brand new unit due to wear issues even after a couple years without more than proof of purchase. As I recall, these pumps carry a 3 year warranty, and Danner stands behind them.

Liked about it Great little utility pump, this product has a good life, puts out little heat, and is very consistent. A low power draw is always appreciated as well.

Didn't like About the only negative for this pump is probably the cost. It is a bit steep if you look at a flow rate per dollar comparison. I've also read that it does not perform well external (regarding leaks), though I use one on my calcium reactor and have never experienced such an issue.

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By crvz
May 19, 2010
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Price: $47 to $106
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at 8 stores

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