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Iwaki WMD40RLT Water Pump (American Motor)

Iwaki WMD-40RLT Pump

Price: $270 to $270 at 1 stores
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The standard

Installation and Operation This pump is pretty much the standard as far as small-tank returns are concerned. It is not the most quiet pump but it will run forever if you simply take it apart and clean it a couple times a year. To clean the impeller, you simply remove a few screws and clean with an old toothbrush. I have heard that the brushes in the motor can be removed and replaced easily enough as well but I have no experience with this. I simply make sure that I use a small bit of lubrication such as RemOil (which contains teflon) on the motor and it keeps it running smoothly and has outlasted every other pump I have bought.

Performance vs. Expectations This pump is a bit more noisy than others but if noise is not an issue, then this is one of the best pumps out there in it's class.

Value for money A little more expensive than other pumps in it's class but worth the expenditure.

Customer Support No experience.

Liked about it Efficient. Long-lasting. No heat generation transferred to the water column.

Didn't like Price. A little on the noisy scale. Would like to see a longer power cord.

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By superwizbang
Jul 28, 2009
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Price: $270 to $270
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