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Aqua Clear Power Head 20 126 GPH

AquaClear Powerhead Model 20 old Model 201 by Aquaclear. AquaClear Powerheads feature filtered air intake, a universal stem adapter, an adjustable flow control and an epoxy-filled motor

Price: $17 to $24 at 2 stores
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bargain price, bargain priced performance

General Okay, so i bought this as my first power head. It was for my 20g and i thought i had found a good cheap alternative. but when i put it in the tank i had a hard time getting it to stop make air bubbles when i turned the dial on the airline tubing to "off". I put that in quote because there isn't a marking showing off. I finally had to pinch the tubing that is just above the flow director and make it take some water up into the tube to get it to start. i do like being able to get the air to come pouring into the water when I want to aid with the nitrogen exchange. My other problem was that if i rotate it too far, the intake assembly comes off invariably falling down behind the rockwork and requiring me to move the rocks to get it. There are better powerheads (hydor koralia) that are worth looking at first.

Liked about it price, airline

Didn't like will come apart if you rotate too much, hard to get air bubbles not to flow

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By Salty O'Shen
Apr 27, 2009
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Price: $17 to $24
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