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Eheim compact+ 2000 Featured

External/Internal Pump

Price: $25 to $139 at 18 stores
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Professinal Pumps featured

Installation and Operation Installation will take you less than 5 minutes. As with every Eheim products details and product informations are well provided in and out of the box. I use mine in my sump/refugium as my return pump, I usually do cleaning on it's impeller housing every other month, an occular inspection for proper water flow everyday which goes with everything else as a routine to the hobby.

Performance vs. Expectations Perfectly!

Value for money For a feature loaded and a well engineered product, I'd say you're getting more than what you paid for.

Customer Support Personally, I haven't had problems in using Eheim products. They do come with warranties from dealers though.

Liked about it Flaxibility and Versitility: They're available in 2000, 3000 and 5000 series(can be run internally of externally).
Compact and Powerful: For a pump of it's size, these pumps can move so much, 528GPH and an Hmax of 7.54'(for compact+ 2000 model)
Adjustable and Convertable Features: The pump has a flow rate adjustment incorporated in it (264-528GPH in this model), can operate with a detachable connector for hoses (for external operation) or a foam cartridge for sump/refugium and in tank uses. It also comes with a rail mounting other than the standard suction caps you get from competing brands.
Well Taught of Design

Didn't like It doesn't come in different colors! (kidding)

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Jun 03, 2010
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Price: $25 to $139
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at 18 stores

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