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Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Aquastep 25 Watt UV Sterilizer

Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Aquastep 25 Watt UV Sterilizer

Price: $134 to $185 at 2 stores
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Good Solid Product from LifGuard - Editorial Review featured

Installation and Operation The unit came very nicely and securly packaged with all parts very cleanly packaged. The sterilizer comes with everything you need to install it (threaded fittings, flared outlet nozzle, metal hose clamps, threaded L nipple feed fitting, a nice sturdy plastic base for beside tank/sump installation, vinyl tubing to hook up your feed pump, 25W UV bulb, and the power cord/ballast to power the 25W UV bulb), minus a feed pump. I was impressed by the fact that the parts bag even included pipe tape to wrap the fittings and a bottle of silicone O ring lubricant to help care for and extend the life of the units o-rings as well as allow them to seal completely when the unit is in operation.

The instructions are easy to read and understand, they are even printed in larger font and on a good quality paper so that they can be stored in your aquarium file and referred to at a later time if need be. Setup is easy, it only took me about 20 minutes to have the unit fully assembled and operational in the "next to my sump" configuration. As for operation, it is plug and play. Once assembled there is no need to touch the unit again unless you are cleaning it or replacing the bulb. I do recommend cleaning it every 2-3 weeks to ensure there is minimal build up on the bulb so that you receive maximum UV output from the bulb. For the purposes of this install, I chose to use a LifeGurad QuietOne 2200 pump as my feed pump. This was one of the recommend pumps for the unit and sized appropriatly for my tank/application.

Performance vs. Expectations This is a hard area to judge. UV sterilizers are ideally used to irratiate your tank water with UV light to destroy harmful pathogens. Given that my tank has not really been prone to major ick or other disease outbreaks (mainly due to husbantry techniques such as not adding too many fish to my tank, ensuring species compatability, maintaining stable and high water quality, reducing stress/competition between tank mates) I did not find much effect on the overall "health" of my tank. I have found that algae growth in my tank has slowed significantly. I have not needed to wipe the front and sides of my aquarium as frequently to remove green algae, and the overall water color seems clearer. I evidence this by the fact that I can read a type written page at 12 point font pretty clearly looking through my aquairum from one end to the other long ways (this is a distance of 6 feet). Given these observations, I would assume that this product could help with control of disease and might have a good application in a quarantine system as opposed to a display system. This product should not however be used a substitute for good regular tank maintence and husbantry practices.

Value for money In my situation, I would have to say no as I did not see a large appreciable difference in the overall look of my tank (other than the water clarity improvement that I mentioned before) to justify the products cost in my particular situation. Having said that, I in no way feel the product is over or inappropriately priced. And depending on your setup and potential issues, this product may indeed be a benefit.

Customer Support I did not need to access LifeGuard's customer support for this product.

Liked about it Easy installation.
Multiple different installation options/configurations.
Impressed with all the "extras" in the supplied parts.

Didn't like Metal instead of plastic hose clamps. If you would ever need to mount this unit standing up in a sump (which could be a conceivable need) the metal clamps can rust and potentially generate a water quality issue.

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By drdude05
Nov 13, 2009
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Price: $134 to $185
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at 2 stores

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