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Current USA 8 watt Gamma Ultraviolet Sterilizer up to 50 gal.

Gamma UV Sterilizer 8 Watt by Current. Treats up to 600-gallon aquariums

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It works but needs improvements

Installation and Operation Easy to install, comes with several pieces of threaded tubing and tape for the threads to waterlock. However, once the device is completely assembled, it is very hard to take apart.

There are view windows for the bulb to ensure that it is in working condition. And the bulb has a secondary access point so the whole thing does not need to be taken apart to change bulbs

Performance vs. Expectations Performance is good, 0 Parasites 0 Disease so far. Minimal floating algae.

Value for money You get what you pay for, this is a low end device and missing the wiper feature which would put this unit a lot higher on the scale.

Customer Support My unit arrived with a broken bulb, they sent out a replacement in about a week.

Liked about it Very customizable

Didn't like Kinda a pain to clean the light tube from salt creep. Have to turn off everything, drain UV sterilizer, pita.

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By p3nguin
Jul 27, 2010
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