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JBJ Digi-Temp Thermometer

Pet Supplies:Reptile Supplies

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as if i could sense the temperature!!

Comments when it comes down to equipment people often think that they can just get away with any kind of product that "might" do the job, and often the products that get this kind of thought are thermometers, the reason to be is that some aquarist think that a couple of degrees wont cause any damage to their systems and that some thermometers can give a wrong reading, and eventually they temperature gets out of control causing a system crash. i been using this product for about a year now and my biocube couldnt be better. i would drecommend this product to anyone and everyone

Liked about it -accurate temperature reading

Didn't like -the suction cup wouldn't stick to the scrylic of the biocube
-overall perfect
-great product

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By gabranth17
Jun 12, 2010
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