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X-10 Control Interface Hardware

The control interface hardware module IM513 plugs into a standard 120V AC socket and connects to the base unit with a ten foot cable. The AquaController sends on off and dim commands to the control interface module which...

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a cheap alternative for control featured

Installation and Operation I use this in combination with my AC3 and DC8. It works well once setup, but it can be prone to bad or missed signals, so I try not to use it on critical controls (I rely more on the DC8 for those items). For the price, it's worth it, but I'd like more consistency.

Performance vs. Expectations Not great, but once setup up and running for a while I found I was more likely to trust it. Sometimes it's best to give it a double signal (particularly for timed events), but it's very cheap compared to some of the more dedicated controller products so it's easy to justify using them.

Value for money On auction sites you can get these items new for a couple of dollars, so the value is pretty high. If they were anywhere near as expensive as a new DC8, that would be another story, but as it is they're a good value.

Liked about it Inexpensive, they don't require much wiring (one cord), and they're simple to install. The design is pretty slick.

Didn't like They can be inconsistent, especially if there is a lot of noise on your power lines. I wouldnt recommend using these for critical functions, but for things that don't require a perfect operation every time they work well.

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By crvz
May 05, 2009
Last updated: May 19, 2010
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