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pH and CO2 Controller with Select Set Point

So your planted tank has the best lighting available, and your plants still won't grow? What could be going on? Most likely, your tank is not producing enough CO2 to keep up with your plants' needs. A CO2 controller...

Price: $120 to $120 at 1 stores
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Decent controller featured

Installation and Operation Installation is a piece of cake. plug in your Solenoid.....plug in the controller....and plug in your ph probe. Its that easy. Then all you have to do is calibrate your ph probe with the 7 and 4 solutions drop it in your reactor and bam your done. Set your knob to the shut off point for your CO2 and it will take care of the rest

Performance vs. Expectations It works well, its a little touchy and the knob for turning it on in the front is a little hard to tune in at first, but once you get it where you want it.....your good.

Value for money Its a great buy for the cash, where else can you get a controller with probe for 100 cant. It works well for what you pay.

Liked about it Easy to setup
Lime green, I dont know why I like this, but its different and its easy to explain to people who have no idea about your tank.

Didn't like Calibration screws are annoying
has to be calibrated often, but all of them do.

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By fihsboy
Oct 21, 2009
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Price: $120 to $120
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