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Milwaukee Digital Seawater Refractometer

Portable, digital refractometer for checking the salinity of salt water.

Price: $142 to $142 at 1 stores
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Milwaukee Digital Seawater Refractometer MA887 featured

Installation and Operation Piece of cake to setup...install the included 9v battery, zero with some RO water and you're ready to go. Instructions for the unit are pretty straight forward.

Performance vs. Expectations Performs just as advertised and as I would expect.

Value for money I've tried one other digital SG "probe" was worthless! This one is pricey as compared to a standard refractometer...but it's so easy to use that I still consider it a "good value".

Customer Support No problems so no reason to contact.

Liked about it 1. Very easy to use.

2. Seems to be very accurate.

3. The entire unit appears to be water-proof, or at least water resistant...even the battery cover has an o-ring so it is sealed.

Didn't like 1. For the price it would be nice if they included a bottle of "reference" solution and a pipette...not a huge issue for me as I already had a bottle of 30ppt solution and a myriad of small plastic syringes.

2. The battery cover is a bit hard to get on and off...but how often do you have to change the batteries, so again not really a big issue.

3. More of a tip really, butthe unit seems to be easily effected by ambient light...when testing using 30ppt solution I was getting 29ppt...covering/shading the "prism" with my hand yields a consistent 30ppt result...I don't know that a cover would be practical, but a very bold and prominent note in the instructions would be nice...I mean, let's face it, who tests their SG in the dark!

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By Jnicho
Mar 17, 2010
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Price: $142 to $142
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