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Hannah Checker Phosphate

With its high accuracy and low level detection at the touch of a button - the Hanna Phosphate Checker is revolutionising water chemistry for marine and fresh water fish enthusiasts. - - Phosphate directly inhibits calcification by corals and coralline algae - even at low levels. The health of plants in freshwater aquaria will also be impaired by raised levels of phosphate in the water. - - The optimum phosphate level - particularly for reef tanks - is often quoted as zero or 0.05 mg/L (ppm). Most chemical test kits will however find it very difficult to either detect or give accurate readings at these low levels. - - With its ability to register the presence of phosphate in salt and fresh water at extremely low levels, the new Hanna Phosphate Checker offers a real 'must-have' addition to the fish lover's equipment chest. -

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Sweet Testing aparatus!

Installation and Operation Cake to just unscrew the bottom screw, insert the battery, and screw the screw back in. And you have a working colorimeter.

Performance vs. Expectations It performs great! I cant wait for the whole line to come out so I can use all of them!

Value for money Its not a bad price for what your getting, but dropping 50-60 bucks on an item that will only be used here and there is hard to do. It is still worth the money, especially when you think that your animals depend on you knowing what your doing, and this will show you what your doing and if its working or not.

Customer Support Have not had to deal with

Liked about it I like the size, the accuracy, the Large LCD, One button operation,Quality parts, and ease of use

Didn't like Im not crazy about the packages of reactant they use, its hard to get it all in the tube, and when you buy it, it only comes with 6. Your going to automatically use two when you first start to make sure it works......and because you want to tinker with it. So its best to order refills when you buy the tester to begin with.

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By fihsboy
Jun 16, 2011
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