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Tropic Marin KH Saltwater Test Kit Featured

KH (carbonate hardness) affects your pH, so test your tank water and insure your fishes' health with Tropic Marin saltwater KH test. Simple to use and easy to read results. Accurate color comparison test using only...

Price: $11 to $31 at 5 stores
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Love it!

Comments The product is packaged well and includes clear concise instructions. You can vary the sensitivity by increasing the amount of water tested. Easy to use, comes with a syringe and the amount of the drop solution used per test is really small compared to other tests I have used

Liked about it Priced in line with other tests and performs as well, but includes a syringe which makes for accurate mL readings of test water.

Didn't like The solution has an alcohol smell to it, if you are sensitive to alcohol smells, this kit may not be for you

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By Fat Tony
Sep 17, 2009
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Price: $11 to $31
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at 5 stores

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