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Salifert Strontium Test Kit Featured

In a marine aquarium strontium plays an important role in accelerating the growth of coral and calcareous algae and natural sea water contains approx. 7 - 9 mg/L strontium. • Strontium is very difficult to test for, but...

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complicated but consistent

Comments strontium isnt a critical measure in the tank, and it's apparently challenging to test for. This kit has many steps and I'm not confident in it's fidelity, but it did measure consistent results when I've used it. As I recall from my use, you first have to perform what is essentially their calcium test, then use that byproduct to determine strontium content. As a result, this is a complicated test kit that has many steps, however the instructions are clear and it is repeatable.

Liked about it I liked that it was repeatable, and that the instructions spelled out exactly what to do.

Didn't like Mostly I didnt like that this is a complicated test. Because knowing strontium isnt frequently required, that makes this kit even more cumbersome. I also don't think the fidelity is very high, it only requires between 1 and 6 drops of the final reactant, and so if you mess up you have to start over (and there is a 15 minute time wait during one of the steps)

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By crvz
May 05, 2009
Last updated: May 18, 2010
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Price: $15 to $17
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