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Salifert Silicate Test Kit

Salifert Silicate Test Kit 60 Tests by Salifert. Salifert Si Profi Test pH test kit for freshwater and marine aquariums

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good kit, but seldom used featured

Comments I bought this once to measure silicate values in my source water and to see if I was introducing silicate into my system (as I was finding a large number of sponges throughout my system). This kit is of nice quality, I was satisfied with my purchase in the end. This silicate test comes with everything needed to perform about 60 tests, including 3 reagents and a test vial.

Liked about it The instructions were clear and the test is easy to perform. Add three reagents in order and then compare the color to the color card. The card is very clear and it's relatively easy to distinguish the differences. The kit seemed to yield very repeatable results, and the entire test can be performed in under 1 minute.

Didn't like The biggest complaint with this product is the cost. For how frequently it's needed (which is very seldom), it hurts to spend $20+ for the kit. I've only used it a handful of times, and even then it was more out of a whimsy than any real need. So while the kit is easy to use and seems to be accurate and consistent, it would be hard to justify in most cases.

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By crvz
May 25, 2010
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