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Salifert Oxygen Test Kit Featured

Salifert Oxygen Test Kit 50 Tests by Salifert. Salifert O2 Profi Test Oxygen test kit for freshwater and marine aquariums

Price: $10 to $49 at 3 stores
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A decent kit, but a bit of a disappointing fidelity featured

Comments I bought this kit when I ran a tank in a relatively well insulated house where pH was usually suppressed due to elevated inside CO2 levels. I wanted to see what my dissolved O2 levels where, and without other means (such as ORP or any other test), I thought this would be a good investment. I found the test easy to use, but the results were a bit disappointing. It measures in increments in 1mg/l of oxygen, so the results arent great, and that's a pretty loose range seeing as levels should simply be "at least 7mg/l."

Liked about it Not very expensive, this kit comes with enough reagent to perform about 50 tests. The instructions are clear, and the color chart is pretty easy to use. This kit comes with generic vials that come with all the salifert kits and that I tend to reuse for many other applications (or other salifert tests).

Didn't like As already mentioned, I wish it was a little higher fidelity when it comes to the results. But, that said, it's more of a gauge of proper oxygenation over something you're going to do actively to control oxygen levels, so the results arent completely useless. There are three separate reagents that must be use in order for the test to provide proper results, so it's not the easiest test kit to use, but I've not come across something that's any simpler. In general, this is a good product to use and I'd recommend it for basic oxygen information.

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By crvz
May 24, 2010
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Price: $10 to $49
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