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Salifert Copper Test Kit Featured

Salifert Copper Test Kit 50 Tests by Salifert. Salifert Cu Profi Test copper test kit for freshwater and marine aquariums

Price: $5 to $49 at 5 stores
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a good kit if using copper medications featured

Comments I bought this kit once when I was ensuring that the brass solenoids I used in my ATO were not leaching any copper into my system, and it has worked pretty well. It's not the easiest of their products, but it's got clean results and its an easy test to use. If you're using copper medication, I would definitely invest in a nicer test kit such as this one. Knowing the level of copper in your aquarium is critical when using these medications, as too much copper can be a deadly event.

Liked about it This kit is very simple. Simply add a few drops of the reagent to a few milliliters of water and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. The product is easy to read for results. It comes with enough product to perform 50 tests, and in most applications this should be enough for years. The instructions are very clear and it comes with all the hardware necessary to perform the tests.

Didn't like Because it is used relatively infrequently, I wish tests like this came with best by dates. I've had this on hand for a few years, and I don't know if it would provide repeatable results. This is true of a lot of test kits like this (strontium, boron, etc.); those that arent frequently used will probably expire before they are actually spent, but I don't have any insight into this. Otherwise, this is a quality test that I have no complaints about.

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By crvz
May 24, 2010
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Price: $5 to $49
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