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Red Sea Silica Test Kit

Silica Test Kits 50 tests by Red Sea. Test for Silica in saltwater aquarium

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a decent choice ONLY if you have a strong need to know silica featured

Comments This is an inexpensive test, but it doesn't give really accurate results. Silica is seldom needed to be measured in aquaria, which actually makes this kit a reasonable selection. This product comes with everything needed to perform the test, which includes three reagents, vials, and the documentation required.

Liked about it Really the price of this test is the most attractive facet. Compared to other kits that may be twice as expensive, this kit will measure silica levels in the tank. In my opinion, knowing fine details of silica levels is not required; excessive silica will result in nuisances such as diatoms, so being able to measure where silica is present (such as source water) is good to know. This kit provides enough information to make decisions, which is the point of the kit.

Didn't like This is a relatively complicated test (compared to other redsea tests). It requires adding three different reagents in proper order and waiting for them to react. It's not hard, mind you, just more complicated than other low-fi kits. The color card is a bit of a challenge to read, but it's not terrible. I've never cared for the packaging of the red sea kit, and this one is no exception.

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By crvz
May 31, 2010
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