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Elos Aqua Test Kit - Nitrate

ELOS AQUA TEST KIT- NITRATEThe Biological filtration is a method that uses naturally occurring nitrifying bacteria to detoxify nitrogenous wastes. One type of bacteria Nitrosomonas spp. converts ammonia to nitrite...

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great company, but expensive and sometimes hard to read featured

Comments Elos generally makes great test kits, and their following really increased after some issues with other brands (particularly regarding bad batches of alkalinity). This particular kit is good, it comes with everything needed to perform the tests. knowing nitrate is important when keeping reef aquariums, especially if you have a lot of coral (particularly stony corals); I test nitrate at least monthly and make certain to follow up on any results that are over about 10ppm. This kit does give good results at the fidelity required to make good reef decisions.

Liked about it This is a quality kit that covers a wide range (5-75ppm), though not as wide as other brands (such as salifert). It is a very simple test to perform and the instructions are clear. All that's required to perform the test is included in the kit.

Didn't like My main complaint on this product is that the color chart is a bit hard to read. This is true with a lot of brands nitrate kits, and this is no exception. Determining the levels within the fidelity range advertised is a challenge, I typically find myself guessing at the end of the test between 2 (or even 3) of the colors on the chart.

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By crvz
May 25, 2010
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