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API Aquarian Freshwater Deluxe pH Test Kit 250 tests Featured

A complete kit to measure and adjust pH. Tests pH levels from 6.0 to 7.6. Included with kit are bottles of pH UP and pH DOWN, so you can adjust your pH to where you need it

Price: $4 to $8 at 3 stores
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Great for fewshwater use only.

Comments I use this kit many times while keeping fresh water ciclids. A complete easy to use PH test kit that includes all the tool you need to adjust your PH up or down. Simple PH test simply fill the vial and add 10 drop of the test solution and immediately compare the colors on the card. If your PH is low you use PH up if it is high you use PH down. The instructions are clean concise and easy to understand. Dosing instruction for the PH up or down are included and are also very simple and easy to use and understand. I found this kit an asset while keeping freshwater but now I only keep saltwater ant it's pretty much useless to me but if I ever do get another freshwater tank you bet I will pick some of this up again.

Liked about it Very cheap.
Simple to use and easy to follow instructions make this a very valuable kit to have for any fresh water tank.
Included are the PH up and PH down that you need to adjust your PH levels to the ideal range.

Didn't like There really was not anything I disliked about this kit at all!

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By ckusnierek
May 31, 2010
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Price: $4 to $8
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at 3 stores

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