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Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Test Kit Featured

The Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro test kit comes with the neccessary kits for monitoring some of the most important elements to sustain a healthy reef aquarium. Each kit comes with Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium test kits.. - - (Ca - 75 tests, Alk - 75 tests,Mg - 60 tests) -

Price: $24 to $44 at 9 stores
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Not sure about Redsea

Comments I had to edit this review.

I have all Redsea test kits and spent 7 weeks cycling a tank until I found out Redsea test kits don't read 0 ammonia or 0 Nitrites. They are aroun .5 to 1.0. Finding this out myself and also doing a google search and finding out others have had the same trouble, I have to change my review here because what seemed great may not be. If those tests are wrong/off these might be as well.

Liked about it The plastic case that holds all the tests.
The videos on youtube showing me how to correctly do the tests.
The price if you find a good deal online.

Didn't like Other Redsea tests were wrong so I question the accuracy of these tests. I went to my LFS and they tested my water with Salifert. Those tests were correct.

MY LFS is going to try and return ALL my Redsea test kits, either way I don't trust any of them now!

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By Kingsnake
Jun 28, 2011
Last updated: August 15, 2011
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Price: $24 to $44
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at 9 stores

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