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Seachem Flourite 15.4 lbs Featured

Flourite Original by Seachem. Porous clay substrate that eliminates the need for laterite in your planted tanks

Price: $15 to $45 at 4 stores
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Great product but too much preparation is needed to use it featured

Comments When I first got into planted tanks I just used regular gravel but soon learned that my plants had needs of their own that just sticking them in the gravel wouldn't cover. I purchased a bag of this flourite, which is a useful substrate for providing a steady supply of iron for your plants and serves to hold the roots better. It does just what the manufacture says that it will do.

Biggest tip when setting up a planted tank is to plan ahead. The flourite is an substrate that goes under other substrate so it isn't meant to replace your gravel.

What I found was the biggest headache was how much rinsing is required before you can put this in your tank. I thought I rinsed it enough, but it still made a mess, so I rinsed it some more, determined to rinse it until the water ran clear. I'm not sure it ever did, there was just so much dust to rinse off, and it's red dust too. My guess is that this is because flourite is a clay based product.

Liked about it 1. Provides a steady supply of iron to your plants.
2. Size of pieces not too large or too small.
3. Affordable when compared to competing products.

Didn't like 1. Be prepared to spend some time rinsing it.

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By tcamos
Jul 28, 2010
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Price: $15 to $45
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at 4 stores

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