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CaribSea Seaflor Super Reef Sand 15 lb


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a decent sand, but not quite my favorite

Comments The super reef sand is a nice caribsea product that has a grain size from 0.5mm to about 2mm, so it's well suited for general use, including tanks that have a sand sifters or sand dwellers in them. I've used this a few times on simple tanks that don't have a lot of flow and I've been happy with it. I don't typically keep deep sand beds, so I can't speak much to how well it would do for that, but I've been relatively pleased for beds around 2" or so.

Liked about it This has a nice color and pretty good grain size for general use. It is small enough for burrowing fish, such as wrasses and some gobies, and you'll generally have little issue with it. This bag is a bit on the smaller size, but in the larger bags it is easy to get a good volume for a decent price

Didn't like Nothing too terrible to discuss about this product, though the smaller grain sizes may blow around if you have a high flow rate tank. In general, it's a good product that should serve well in all but the highest flow applications.

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By crvz
May 31, 2010
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