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CaribSea Fiji Pink Aragalive Sand Live Sand 20 lb

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Great sand

Comments I really like this product. I am new to salt tanks. I bought the sand because the packaging seemed to show it was full of lots of good stuff. (Also, it really is NOT pink as advertised. It is pretty much white with some specks of dark sand).

Liked about it It was packed with vitamins and minerals! :)
No rinsing required. Totally hassle free.
I cycled my new tank for only seven days with this sand, live rock, and salt water made by my local fish store. I added a clown fish after only seven days, because all the water tests came back perfect. No problems to date, water tests after two weeks still perfect!

Didn't like Nothing, the bang is for sure worth the buck!! It is a little spendy, but it was worth it.

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By Capt. Jack Sparr
Jun 26, 2010
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