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Natures Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Reef Sand White #1

Live sand to cycle a new tank and reduce nitrates in an established tank.

Price: $17 to $27 at 2 stores
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Live Sand to Pour on Top of Sand Substrate

Comments Off-white live sand poured over the top of a larger amount of Ocean's Nature aragonite sand #1 makes an economical substrate for a tank. Given time the entire substrate mixture will become live and decrease nitrates. The bag is labeled with an expiration date (one year after packaging).

Liked about it Live sand speeds up the tank's cycle and reduces nitrates thereafter. Live aragonite sand white #1 is a light off-white color that is attractive as a substrate. As a top layer, the live sand seeds the other sand in time as an economical live substrate alternative. It can be mixed with a similar textured and colored Aragonite Sand #1 from the same manufacturer.

Didn't like The textures of live aragonite white #1 and the aragonite sand #1 of Nature's Ocean are slightly different; I would prefer them to blend together better. Bio-Active Live Aragonite may or may not be "loaded" with heterotrophic bacteria, live marine autotrophic bacteria and live chemolithotrophic bacteria as advertised; one bag can differ from another one and the consumer has little way to tell in advance.

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By Fielding12
Feb 23, 2010
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Price: $17 to $27
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