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Nature's Ocean Aragonite Sand #1

Aragonite Sand #1 to add to a tank with some live sand and live rock. Less expensive than adding only live sand as the substrate.

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Aragonite Sand #1 (not live) from Nature's Ocean featured

Comments The sand is a high quality for aquarium substrate and mixed with a small amount of live sand and live rock will become live given time. It is a less expensive alternative to using 100% live sand.

Liked about it Less expensive substrate alternative that will function fully as live sand in time. Roughly the same color as the comparable Nature's Ocean Bio-Active Live Aragonite Reef Sand White #1. Can be ordered by local Pets Supplies Plus for LFS availability.

Didn't like The textures between the aragonite sand #1 and bio-active live aragonite sand white #1 are not an exact match. (It is closer than other products that I've compared and mixes together well over time.) Even though pre-washed the sand makes the tank very cloudy for hours even when added with the utmost care pouring gently close to the bottom of tank. Available in 20 lb bag which is more than desired for some tanks.

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By Fielding12
Feb 23, 2010
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Price: $29 to $29
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