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Carib-Sea Arag-Alive Hawiian Black


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Hawiian Black is not all black. But is very sharp.

Comments This product is advertised as a black soft-bellied safe sustrate. What it is really is a mostly black substrate. It does have sprinklings of white in it. Also some of the "grains" are chunks. So it does take a little grooming.
After a few days the white sprinklings do draw down into the midlevel and the surface is black. I personally like the way it makes my fishes colors pop out in contrast. It is not sandy at all but more gravel. It seems to work well for me.

Liked about it Execellent color contrasts
Unique in that your tank looks different than most out there.
Cycled fairly quickly as this is a "live sand"

Didn't like Not exactly a Black Sand not a sand at all
White sprinkles in the mix
has big chunls in it when you first put it in that should be removed, both black and white.

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By mpcolson
Aug 22, 2010
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